Friday, January 2, 2009

So I get home from Idaho and spend about an hour with Liz chatting all cozy in her living room while Craig and Henrykins go and take a nap. I decide to leave before falling asleep myself. I think, I should call Lynette and see if Ryan and Mike are still here from Egypt -- formerly known as Texas -- I do and they are! I head right over. When I get there no one is home so I let myself in and hang til they are. They get home, we chat and have fun for a while -- Jim brings the girls home and we go eat at Spaghetti Factory. I then leave them and head over to the Vartanian household -- it's been way to long since I've seen my friends from church as well. After pooping out about 11 -- Lynsey and I head home with my favorite Anna Kate. :-) See pic below.
Getting home I am tired and worried that my apt will be cold since I've been got for oh two weeks now. Opening the door after lugging my really light suitcase, haha, up the stairs I am met with a blast of hot air! Who knew having the heaters on 55 for two weeks with minimal entry by Lynsey and her sis Robyn would have built up a blast of too warm weather! It was over 90 degrees in my litle apartment! Sheesh! So I decided that I better open the door and cool this place down a little. While doing so, I rang in the new year chatting on fb with one of my best buddies, Tibbs. I'm thankful for him. Period. Getting up WAY too early, I headed over to the Couv to take Lynette shopping. We shopped and chatted for a while and then the phone call..........all I heard was "What happened? Is it all over the floor? There's nail polish remover in my basket on the desk. I'm leaving the store now, we'll be home in a minute." So as we are out being grown up girls, shopping and giggling, Lexi and Sage decided for the first time ever to get into Aunt Nette's bright pink nail polish. They basically hid behind the tree in the living room and proceeded to paint themselves, the hard wood floor, the wall (with handprints), antique pewter vases and candlesticks, the rug, the blinds, themselves some more, Lynette's antique trunk, some of the couch, oh and did I mention the hardwood floor? Well, we walked in to Ryan, Mike and Nick on their hands and knees, Lexi in the bathtub, Sage in timeout on the counter and Jim pacing. Well, Mike is a genius and has our new favorite product Spot Shot sprayed all over and the boys are scrubbing everything. I can't believe it! It is EVERYWHERE!!! So after about 5 cans of spot shot, a couple batches of Murphy's Oil soap, a lot of tears and sweat oh and paint on the wall -- you basically can't really tell! The girls didn't fare so well - nail polish stains. So Sage took a nap while Lexi had to watch us clean ALL AFTERNOON!!
When we finished cleaning, Lexi and I watched High School Musical and then started Monster's, Inc. Jim came home and treated us all to Old Country Kitchen! It was very tasty. After dinner, which ended at 10pm by the way, the boys and I went and purchased Mamma Mia!, to which I was very happy to watch. Nick, Ryan, and I watched the whole thing on Singalong status so we sang and sang and sang! It was fabulous!
Driving home at almost 1am, it was raining hard! Then all of a sudden it was snowing! Huge billowing flakes -- who'd of thunk!
Well, gotta get up and pack -- I'm heading to Tacoma to hang with Rach, Brian and the Tibbs then to Clayton and Sarah's wedding tomorrow. Love to you all!

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